How you can Help, not Yelp!

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Here is a great comment from our supporter “Bap” that can be read directly from our Kickstarter page.  Its a great gathering of information on how you can help tell people about our project.

Kickstarter comment “Bap”:

The Minimum Funding Goal Has Been Done, But We are Not Done Yet!

The current funding barely covers the cost to getting this film to finalization. The staff is working without pay and volunteers are helping. There are hard costs that if compromised will affect the impact and reach of this message. Your help is needed. Remember, Pebble, a smart watch just raised $20.3 million in 30 days on Kickstarter (We only have $20.24 million to go).

What can you do?

Contributions would be nice; however, you can build visibility in things you do daily.
There are very few days to go, so please get the word out. If you have access to any of the following social media accounts, please mention this program using the Kickstarter url:

Here is the short code link:

Ask people to watch the video. Ask people to support the program. Post to these types of accounts.

Where and What to share on social media:


– use hashtags: #billiondollarbully and #yelp


– use hashtags: #billiondollarbully and #yelp


– Send pictures of the logo.


– Create a #billiondollarbully board and save pins of the articles


– Add the url, publish an article, or share an article on group boards or with connections.


– Add the video to your page.


– Join the discussion, post your views. Accounts are free.


– If you have a blog, mention the campaign. If you write and article, send in the url here so it can be shared.

Discussion Boards

– Mention Billion Dollar Bully when it makes sense.

– Publish the url of the Kickstarter campaign and the articles on your website.


– Add the Kickstarter campaign url to your email signature (settings).


Yes, simply go to Google or Bing and search for Billion Dollar Bully. The more unique searches, the higher the results will be ranked.

If you know someone in the media, suggest they cover this. Send a copy of the story to the editor of your local newspaper. It is a good story.

If you know a business that has been affected by Yelp, let them know.

Contact your Chamber of Commerce (send an email), contact business associations, contact restaurant or food related organizations. Below are the urls collected about this story. Even visiting the URLs is helpful by increasing traffic to them.

Here they are for your convenience.…… (someone needs to respond to this, the Yelp position was viewed 425 times.) (Retweet this.)

Keep up the good fight. Every effort your make is appreciated.


– BAP, on our Kickstarter Comments section.


I could not have put it better myself, Thanks for this great comment!


-Prost Team

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2 thoughts on “How you can Help, not Yelp!

  • My customers who book also get their reviews hidden. As of 11/23/15 9 of them are hidden all positive, all negative is showing. A customer just wrote on one yesterday and it’s already hidden. I told her yelp is fraudulant I was able to convince them to book after reading the only noticed reviews and they did. Had a wonderful time she goes on Yelp to write it and they hide it. like the gangsters they are. Forcing business to be on this site should be the next YELP lawsuit

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