Nov/Dec Update

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Hi Everyone,

We hope you’re enjoying the holiday season. We’d like to share additional Billion Dollar Bully updates with you! To be honest, we have been reluctant to release too much information on the film. However, we want to be as transparent with our supporters as possible. The reasoning behind not wanting to be too candid on what’s happening behind-the-scenes is simple. We know that the powers-that-be at Yelp are closely monitoring the progression of this film (and are likely signed up to receive emails about these posts – in which case, Hi, Yelp Peeps!). As we saw during the Kickstarter campaign, Yelp execs will take small bits of information and manipulate it to misconstrue facts and discredit the film in whichever way they can. It was mildly amusing to hear Vince Sollitto say in this interview that Kaylie Milliken was having a hard time finding business owners who have been hurt by Yelp (29:15), which is why the film is taking so long to make. This couldn’t be further from the truth! In fact, it took twice as long to finish filming because we were continuously having business owners reach out to us (and still do!), wanting to share their story with us.

With that being said, we feel as though we owe it to all the film’s supporters to share as much as we can. We want you to know the film is not sitting around, forgotten about… and that we most definitely have NOT been silenced by Yelp! Quite the opposite, in fact. We know it seems like it’s taken us a very long time to complete the film. That’s because it has! We had no idea the pandora’s box we would open when we started this journey investigating Yelp. In essence, we had an overwhelming response from business owners wanting to tell their stories, it took far more time than we expected to investigate different stories, we’ve had a steep learning curve being first time filmmakers and we were completing the film on a shoestring budget. BUT we’re at the end now, with an explosive film filled with brave business owners sharing their stories, a top notch agent representing the film and an audience that we desperately want to see the movie!

So, what has been happening behind the scenes lately? A lot!

Getting Billion Dollar Bully insured! Let us share a little bit of information regarding the process of getting films insured. All films require insurance before they can be seen publicly. It’s called E&O (Errors and Omissions) Insurance. It protects the filmmakers against lawsuits for a gamut of issues. Before a film can be insured, an attorney needs to write a letter stating that they believe the film falls within the law of these many issues, and why they believe that. Most film festivals will not take a film without it being insured, and no distributor will take a film without it being insured. Most films take 3 – 5 days to insure and cost about $5000. Unfortunately, that was not the case for Billion Dollar Bully!

Once the film was ready, we began working on getting Billion Dollar Bully insured in May of 2016. It took 5 months! The film was finally insured in October. The price tag of the insurance was FAR above the $5000.00 normal insurance price tag! It took several law firms viewing the film, writing various letters in our favor that stated Yelp has no grounds to sue us, and a few of the insurance companies to view the film themselves before we got approved. At first, we were so frustrated by all of this. Then, we realized that the reason the film took so long and was so expensive to insure, is because brave business owners expose Yelp’s true business practices!

During the 5 months it took to get insurance, we spent time applying to various film festivals and tweaking a lot of the technical aspects in the film. At this point, we are now waiting to hear back from a few entities and are working with our agent to ensure the film is seen by the widest audience possible. We believe this is the only way to stop Yelp’s insidious practices!

We thank you if you made it through this lengthy blog post and we promise to pass on updates as we receive them. Billion Dollar Bully will be released soon and together we will change the way Yelp does business!

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27 thoughts on “Nov/Dec Update

  • I can’t wait to see it!! Yelp continues to hurt my business daily, including this week when a competitor of my small business wrote a review and they will not do anything about it.
    I tell everyone I know what crooks they are and explain the “paid wall” and their exploitative practices.

  • they actually post a made up lie review and I brought to their attention. Nothing they did nothing. not only is it a lie but they sold this information to other sources or share. so instead of a one star review it looks like the whole internet is filled with the fake review they do nothing and assume no responsibility I am confident this film will make a difference. One word to describe this behavior……UNFRIENDLY.

  • YELP has destroyed more businesses than many can realize and should be held fully accountable for their actions. Most business owners have no awareness of Billion Dollar Bully and I assure you after the film is released 10’s of thousands more will step up to share their YELP screwed us over story.

    Please start to prepare for Billion Dollar Bully 2 (insert Rocky song here) and go kick some billion dollar bullies butts!

    Thanks for EXPOSING the truth and know your efforts are much appreciated. <3

  • Thank you for exposing these scumbags. I am so happy that Yelp is struggling…their stock price has fallen considerably and for good reason. I hope your film damages their reputation even further.

  • Thank you for making this film! My business has been hurt badly by Yelp. Fake reviews, filtered review. These people are modern day mafia. I can’t wait for this movie to release. I hope that after the release, Pres. Trump or Congress does something to help business owners from this evil company called Yelp

  • I am looking forward to the release of the film. Yelp has destroyed my business. The Fake reviews written by competitors are horrible. I just had a baby boy and now the mother of 4 children and we are now homeless. We lost everything. Our home, cars, and next will be the business. Please bring the truth out before another family suffers the fate we have.

    • So sorry to hear that. They destroyed my business for awhile too. I ended up fixing work that Yelp sent ppl to with fake 5 stars. After these ppl get botched work, they end up coming to me to fix and this saved my bunpsiness. President Trump should take Yelp down if he wants small businesses to survive from yelp distortion.

  • Keep going Guys, keep going!

    Pleasure meeting you both this past June in SF. We anxiously await popping some popcorn one night soon and pulling up the movie on Amazon and Netflix!

  • Like Greg said this is really starting to go sour in a lot of forums as far as being a scam. It wasnt too long ago yelp made the news again and it would have been a good time to ride that wave. But it still sits in the can. Its time you reach out, you make contact through all of the social media groups to contact 60 minutes, Dateline, someone to release this thing. Every day more people suffer and you potentially have the cure.

    • Hi John,

      Much like Yelp, forums are often toxic echo chambers. Just as you are an expert in your business, please understand that we are the experts here and are doing what is best for this film to be seen by a wide audience, not a relatively small group of people in forums that want to see it released. In the meantime, instead of waiting around, consider building your own movement! Take your frustration and put it to use, especially if you think you have a good base of people willing to help. Thanks again for your interest.

  • What a breath of fresh air. Please try to get this film finished. These people are the most unethical scoundrels walking the earth. I loath passive aggressive people and this company is defined by that back biting,blackmailing,wormy mentality!!!

  • Wait, wait wait… Out of our hands… I am sorry I cannot be as positive as all the above posts are with high fives and so pleased to hear about the progress. What progress? Since this film has been finished I don’t have enough hands to count the business who have been either ruined or threatened by the unprofessional sales staff it Yelp. Unfortunately, these businesses find out about Yelp after the fact, after those high fees don’t return results. As writing this comment I went to just one of the many FB pages trying to warn people and count five new people/businesses who got hit in just the past few weeks. As this film collects dust, more people struggle because they actually thought that person at Yelp was honest.

  • Why doesn’t everyone just relax and let this lady run her course. I’m certain she’s not holding back or is not going to hold back. On that same note she doesn’t want to get sued I get it, Yelp is a Juggernaut but it only took an iceberg to sink the Titanic so just chill and yes I meant the pun. When you’re ready Kaylie I’ve got your back. And thanks for doing this.

      • After reading about ABSORSENIST YELP’s stories, I checked hidden reviews about my own business. A lady who bought an item from me has written a kind revive about my business but her revive is hidden… I called yelp and spoke with Sam who responded my call. I explained him the story of that lady buying an item from me. She was a real customer.
        I said “if you want I can send you a copy of her invoice”
        Sam’s final explanation to me was “yelp is free do decide what to do about consumer’s reviews…
        And Erica?
        She would not even talk to me any more but she is doing every thing to harm my profile…

  • Hey….
    We are soo many complaining about this crocks who has been after our money; giving harm to us and our businesses. Why don’t we all come together, hire an low firm and go after yelp?
    Love years would do it just for the sake of they force yelp to pay….
    You may ask an attorney, if she or he would be interested in doing so…

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