Project Update: February 2017

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Happy New Year to all! We have had our noses to the grind, finally getting close to wrapping up the editing. We are about one week away from “picture lock.” Picture lock means that we are no longer moving scenes, restructuring, or adding/removing dialogue. The music composer will then step in and work his magic. A sound mixer will also take the film and do his/her best to balance out any and all audio issues, and a color corrector will balance out the different “tones” that each shot brings in. (For a quick lesson on what color correction is, click here.) Since we used two different cameras at every shoot, each camera had its own tone. Those tones now need balancing in order to provide a cohesive “look” to the film.

At this point, even before all of these tasks are completed, we can now start submitting the film to various film festivals and distributors. We will let you know when and where you can screen the film!

Keep in mind that we are continuing to watch what is happening with Yelp! and its company. Despite being in picture lock, we can add any final notes at the end of the film should something noteworthy occur after the film’s finalization. Since we are well aware that the powers-that-be at Yelp! have subscribed to this email list, we would like to send a quick message: we would love to give you the opportunity to provide your voice to this work and clarify misconceptions you think we may have.

Additionally, we have noticed that Jeremy Stoppelman, CEO of Yelp!, has been selling off millions of dollars’ worth of stock lately. We are very much looking forward to reading the quarterly report next week, and learn of any significant changes coming down Yelp’s pipeline.

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