Project Update: Post-Production

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So much has happened over the last few months! For starters, we have now completed most of production and are beginning the editing phases. We have interviewed a number of people throughout the US and have great material to work with. Now it’s a matter of sorting through the material and putting the story together. Post production is very tedious and time consuming. With that said, after meeting with a number of editors, we have come to the consensus that we will not be submitting this project to Sundance as we had initially hoped. Submissions are due in September. We want to ensure that a quality film is made, rather than having a rushed, sloppy project.

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As you may have seen or read in the news, Yelp has not been doing so well over the past week. Their 2nd quarter reports came in and it was very disappointing for investors. Many businesses are not renewing their contracts with Yelp and the company seems to be having a hard time keeping employees. This caused a drop in their stock. The day after this report came out, one of the board members, Max Levchin, left the company. He gave Jeremy Stoppelman (CEO of Yelp) the initial seed money of $1 million to get the company started. Stock dropped again to $24/share. In spring 2014, Yelp’s stock was trading at $99/share.
Obviously, we would like to get this film out as quickly as possible. We do have a long way to go.
We’re excited to see this film come together, as I’m sure you are as well!
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8 thoughts on “Project Update: Post-Production

  • I have a one man bankruptcy law firm. At the completion of a case, I ask my clients to send in a Yelp review. I estimate that I have 40-50 4&5 star reviews sent in over the past 18 months. Only 1 shows up on my Yelp page. When I spoke to a sales rep, I got double talk about why the reviews don’t show up. He actually said that it would be better if I didn’t ask clients for reviews because those reviews would tend to get screened out by their screening software. I was advised to “just let the reviews occur naturally”. What?? It was all gibberish. Of course if I paid for advertising, they could look into the problem.

  • I began a startup in August 2015 and signed on with Yelp as a free listing. I have only had a handful of customers so far, and two gave me glowing 5-star reviews. One was removed, so I called Yelp’s help line. I got the same “gibberish” that Sam B. described. When the conversation started leaning toward paid advertising, I declined. Then my one and only 5-star review vanished! The interesting thing is that Yelp states: “Hey there trendsetter! You could be the first review for…” when in actual fact it will NOT be the FIRST review, but the first review that Yelp “recommends”! I can hardly wait to see this documentary!

  • Sorry about the duplicate comment, I just forgot to check the “notify” boxes and wanted to make sure it was noted that I would like notification of follow-ups and new posts.

  • Jeremy Stoppelman is a wonderful man who it seems no one making this film has interacted with. He is thoughtful, kind, generous, and modest. One should be careful to vilify good people. Also, one should note that PayPal is being used on this site. Jeremy was the VP of Engineering for PayPal and it is benefiting you. Consider this an opportunity for reflection. Also consider your decisions to keep or delete this post since there is much criticism of such an act in this project.

    • Thank you for your feedback! We would love to interact with Mr. Stoppelman and have reached out to him, without success. We hope that the adjectives you use to describe him are accurate, but we really wouldn’t know, since he has declined to meet with us. Therefore, we can only examine the evidence that has been collected and make determinations of the website “Yelp!” based off that. We do not take issue with previous jobs he has been affiliated with, hence using PayPal. If we had a problem with PayPal, we wouldn’t use it! But we see no issue with the site, so of course we’ll use it. Many thanks to Mr. Stoppelman for helping create a platform that helps us receive funding for this film.

  • Kaylie , please , when you hope to finish film ?
    I found , that October, or January, but I did not found what year ?
    Thank you

      • It would be nice if Prost Productions would furnish some sort of timeline to show what has already developed.with the film and what steps need to happen next. At least provide a monthly update to keep everyone interested. Just speaking for myself, my patience is starting to wear thin.

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