Where to See BDB: Update

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We have an exciting update regarding the premiere of Billion Dollar Bully! As many of you are aware, we were provided with a great opportunity to premiere Billion Dollar Bully at SF DocFest. However, in the last 48 hours we were given an amazing opportunity to explore another avenue that would secure us a vastly wider audience. While we are so grateful to SF DocFest for the opportunity and for supporting our film, we have decided to move in a different direction. As such, Billion Dollar Bully will not be premiering at SF DocFest.

While we can’t share additional information at this time, we are incredibly grateful for your continued support and can’t wait to share the exciting details in the coming weeks!

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21 thoughts on “Where to See BDB: Update

  • I understand a documentary is supposed to tell a story, hopefully you’ll expose ALL frauds including business owners who lie. I watched a Documentary on Netflix awhile back and the documentary had me up in arms because it told a story that only showed one sides faults. Its the one about he guy who was allegedly set up for murder. If your documentary is only showing one side it will only appeal the those who are radically opposed to Yelp. A lot of “Small Businesses,” are counting on you..

    • There are many, many facets to the story. I actually loved “Making A Murderer,” but certainly not every film is for every person.

  • Any Update to when the 1st Showing will be?

    It’s time to get this documentary out into the public.


  • Hi Kaylie, Mellissa, and anyone else on the team,

    I’ve been working in the Digital Marketing industry for about 10 years now, and a friend told me about your film just a couple weeks ago as we were having a long discussion on just how much power Google has, which led to how much power a company like Yelp has to either make or break a business.

    Just 2 months ago, I saw a part of Yelp that was disappointing and genuinely shocking. A Yelp salesperson just would not stop calling and emailing. It was behavior I could only describe as “stalking”. This was AFTER I gave him about 2 hours of my time to do an entire sales presentation. I had one expectation and request – “please wait for me to contact you… since I am so busy this month, just give me some time and I will reach out to you.” To add to the insanity, even when I sent an angry email asking him not to contact me ever again, hours later I got 2 automated links to 12 month contracts agreements, where I would simply have to click a couple buttons to agree to their paid advertising services. He put it into the system intentionally. It was a big “F” you to my email. There was no other response. I still get reminders to sign my contract every week.

    As someone who tries to help small businesses grow and navigate an increasingly technical marketplace and economy, I wanted to express my respect for what you’ve accomplished so far, as well as the commitment to expose this kind of practice and educate others. Your decision and dedication to this project is brave and inspiring.

    There are things that I’ve seen and learned in the industry… practices that are just horrendous. I feel it’s my duty to share the knowledge but also that I absolutely should not, since there’s a chance it will affect family and friends. I hope to open up some discussions one day… discussions that many will find cathartic and necessary. The kind that will come when this film is finally released.

    Thanks again for your courage.

    Jacob M.

    • What a great note, Jacob. It is our hope that this film will generate discussions and bring about change!

  • Seems like this is just being put off at every turn, its not like you have to act out the movie, why would you not show it in both venues. Starting to think you made a decent trailer and nothing else!

    • Thank you for the kudos on the trailer! When you show it at one venue (ie, film festival), it can eliminate you from being able to show it at others.

  • I’m guessing the next documentary I pledge to will be the one that documents how BDB took a bunch of money from people and then never actually made a movie

    • Hi Juan – not sure why you’re feeling scammed, as I couldn’t find you in our donor database on KS or IGG. If you did donate under a different name or email address, please feel free to contact us so we can answer any questions you have!

  • I left Yelp as an employee the day before this was to premiere at DocFest. I was very excited to see the response because I too didn’t respect their business practices, I was the top new salesman for my first two months on the job. Working there felt like “The Wolf of Wall Street.” Even though I was supposedly the best and making money, I couldn’t stand by an unethical business. They would even let me give two weeks. Once you say you’re out, you’re out. Cult status for sure!

    • Hi Benjamin,

      We were so disappointed to have to pull out of DocFest, but also so excited about the reasons that caused us to do so! If you would like to share your experiences with us, please feel free to email kaylie@prostfilms.com.

  • Please put the film online!! Set up a great media campaign and make it viral! Everyone needs to see this.

  • Any recent updates? We have been following y’all for a while and are anxiously awaiting the release of the film!

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