SF DocFest: When/Where to see Billion Dollar Bully

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Mark your calendars! Billion Dollar Bully will be premiering at SF DocFest on June 11th at 7:15pm and a second screening on June 14th at 9:30pm at the beautiful, historic Roxie Theater in San Francisco. We will make another post when we have a direct link to ticket sales. Thank you for your continued interest in this film! We are so excited to be releasing it.

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6 thoughts on “SF DocFest: When/Where to see Billion Dollar Bully

    • The film has been submitted to a few film festivals and we are waiting to hear back from those. In the meantime, we are in talks with various distributors who are interested in releasing the film.

  • Any idea why the film isn’t listed on the website for the film festival? Wanted to buy tickets in advance. Thanks

  • According to the blog post it was supposed to air today June 11. The last updates from May say that it won’t premier then and I don’t see any updates about when it will. So did it or did it not air today? Last updates I can find were from Mid May.
    Pretty disappointing job of keeping people updated.

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