Update: Post Production

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It has been a while since we have updated this blog, and many have asked what is happening with the film.

Plain and simply, LOTS is happening! We initially thought we would be finished filming this summer, but in true documentary fashion, the story has lead us down many paths that we felt compelled to follow. With all the footage we have acquired, we have been structuring, restructuring, and structuring again the story so that it is told in the best possible way.

We thought we were done with production in November, but once again, an interview popped up that we couldn’t miss out on and were out filming just last Sunday. Now, we are 99.9% certain we are completely done! The film is near picture lock but needs a little more tweaking. In a few weeks we will be sharing a cut of the film with Kickstarter backers who contributed at the Executive Producer level. We hope to be sharing a finished project with everyone not too long after that!

Thank you again for your interest in this project. We want to ensure this story is factually-based and done correctly. It takes time to get there, especially when this is such a grassroots effort with a very small crew. It would be a disservice to all those who have participated in the making of this film (supporters, interviewees, etc) if we put out something quickly just for the sake of having a movie. We look forward to sharing details soon about when and where it can be seen.


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5 thoughts on “Update: Post Production

  • Awesome !!! Thank you soooo much for being brave and the true voice of the people and small businesses , this effort has been long over due , looking forward to seeing all side of the truth and not just what yelp wants people to read , thank you again …..

  • I am writing an ethics paper on this subject at the Kelley School of Business. Really excited to see the documentary once it is completed. Keep up the good work!

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