What is your story? Share with us via a new email!

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The support for this project so far has been amazing. This topic has effected so many people, and we have been getting emails from so many wanting to tell us their story. This kind of response lets us truly realize the impact that we can have by bringing this story to life.

We have setup a new email address to send all your stories too. This will help us gather your stories, and make sure that we don’t miss hearing what you have to say.

Please send your stories to billiondollarbully@gmail.com

Join us on Twitter, and Facebook as well to stay connected with us.

Thank you for all the support sent so far!


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Share: Facebooktwittergoogle_pluspinterestlinkedintumblrmail

2 thoughts on “What is your story? Share with us via a new email!

  • I am absolutely thrilled this is finally happening. I have more of a stable business as a Property Manager having long-term clients and tenants so I’m not affected as much as say a restaurant. Regardless, I had been fighting with yelp since last year over one bad review, from someone who called me via a Google search. We never met, a two minute conversation. She was desperate, the property she wanted me to lease for her would have been nothing but problems, and I wasn’t interested. She slammed me on yelp and I now have one star and 1 recommended review which is hers. 10 good real reviews from either clients or past tenants, mind you all people I’ve been doing business with for years, 6 – 8 years get scrubbed, moved to the place no one ever looks. Yelp showcases this nut job I spoke with for three minutes and looses all my real reviews.
    I despise how they distort, extort small business. They have seriously hurt so many small hard working people. I believe most people are hardworking and honest. Yelp are parasites, and I knew this day was coming, it had to. Yelp is nothing but a dumping ground for crummy people to vent.
    It is with great pleasure that I funded some money for your efforts via prostfilms.com
    Thank you, with all my respect for this expos√©. Make it hurt, like they’re hurt countless others. Karma baby. I hope you get on 20 / 20 and next year their stock is worth …nada.
    It’s a pleasure to see they’re unable to expand throughout the world. Their flame is petering out. Poof
    I despise their business model, take em out ladies.

    I stopped caring about the one star on the first page of Google as I knew Yelp would ultimately become a joke, and people would come to know it as I have, a dumping ground. And guess what, the customer is Not always right.

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