November 4, 2014


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Please feel free to contact Prost Films with inquires, projects or if you would like to join our executive producer team.

General Contact Information:

447 Sutter Street, Suite 508 San Francisco, CA 94108


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8 thoughts on “Contact

  • Glad to see someone is doing this movie! You should contact C.A. Pinkham at Gawker (… s/he(?) does a weekly column called Behind Closed Ovens that routinely shames childish Yelpers — it’s also usually hilarious and gets tons of comments and shares.

    Good luck with the film.

  • Kaylie, Love the project.. here is a little secret Yelp does not want you to know about.. Movers in the State of Texas have to be licensed by Law! On search – Movers, Dallas, Tx or Movers, Houston, Tx and you will find at least 3 out of the top 10 Movers Paying to Advertise on Yelp are Operating Illegally. Here is the site you can search.
    For example- Yelp- Movers, Dallas : AM Movers, Tom and Jerry Movers and Highland Park Movers (a lead generation site, not a legal business). All are operating with out a license in the state of Texas. So Yelp is knowingly promoting illegal businesses..

  • I just put a few dollars on your Kickstarter page. I can’t tell you how HAPPY I am to see someone take on Yelp!

    I am a small video producer myself down in LA. I focus on marketing video content, and special events, and weddings. I had EVERY review constantly buried by Yelp. Then one day someone wrote a fake review, misspelled some words, used poor grammar and it went through. The next time Yelp called, I pointed out the absurdity of their “filter”, so they accused me of cheating the system, and again, took down the reviews. I gave up, waited a few years, THEN — it gets interesting….

    I get an email offering a free $100 in Yelp ads if I spend a mere $50. So, I thought, what the hell, let’s see what I’m missing, if I’m missing anything at all.

    Two days after I spend the money 4 reviews come OUT of hiding and get high lighted?? Interesting right?

    Here’s my YELP page:

    I’m so incredibly jealous that I didn’t think of this documentary myself. You have my upmost respect and support. I am currently posting your Kickstarter on my Facebook page, and sending to a few other friends that have had crappy experiences.

  • I have a situation with a business I was marketing which opened my eyes to the evil of Yelp. This was a small local business whos low stars (based off two reviews out of 15 NEVER showing) were turning potential clients away. We made a huge effort to boost LEGITIMATE reviews from everyone to super active Yelp accounts to legitimate past customers and after months not one would show for more than a day or two. I finally found a solution (one I haven’t heard or read about before that may never work again), which was to report the Yelp business page to Google as copyright infringement to an individuals name. Google removed or knocked down the Yelp business page way out of sight and no one was finding their business in the top of SERP with poor reviews anymore. Down with Yelp!

  • Hi, i was working on a story about your documentary. Yelp has responded saying “…the claims they appear to highlight… have been repeatedly dismissed by courts of law, investigated by government regulators, including the FTC, and disproven by academic study.” I was wondering if you had any comment on this. Thanks!

  • hello,
    Its a wonderful project!!! If you in Bay area, You should cover this restaurant “Little India” in Redwood CIty. They closed their business…Yelp is one reason…The owner kept complaining about yelp and star ratings on yelp…how yelp puts bad reviews etc…

  • Just pledged $500 for Billion Dollar Bully Project. We’ve been in Business for almost 30 Years and have great reviews from all other sites except Yelp. Of course they started calling us to advertise and “help manage our reviews”. Gee. we didn’t need help managing reviews on other sites. They stopped calling after I cursed them out several times. I would love to help the cause by having a change of heart and advertising with them and seeing what happens to our reviews. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks.

  • I wouldn’t mind giving my story about how Yelp has removed approx. 20 good reviews, (deleted an additional 9 customer accounts because they left yelp a bad review), allows fake reviews, removed me from the search results, deleted my license numbers & business information from my yelp page, constantly called me to pay them to replace reviews (for a price), deleted my personal yelp account, deleted my business photo’s etc etc etc.

    All of this began after they started calling me up to 2 times a day wanting me to pay them. the more I refused, the more they harassed me. Now I’m left with 2 good reviews and 1 fake review. I should have 20 to 30 five star reviews.

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