May 17, 2015


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A hub of Kickstarter-funded films on iTunes

Pic.: A hub of Kickstarter-funded films on iTunes

As part of our Kickstarter and Indiegogo promise we would like to greatly thank the following individuals for their support, contribution, and becoming one of our backers! We could not have dreamed of being able to have come this far without you.

Thank You to the following individuals, organization, and groups that have help fund our Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns!

12 Tone Music Publishing, LLC
A1 Security Cameras
A.L. Welsh
21st Century Pictures Group LTD
Aaron Aguirre in Napa
Adrienne S. Lamm
AK Fats VA
Alchemist Bar & Lounge
Alexis Steinman
All Paws Inn
Amanda Oahu

Amber Myers
Amber Myers
Angelo Roldan
Angie in Alabama
Anthony’s Auto Stereo
Anti Bully
Arlene & Jim Stenger
Asif Zamir
Attitude, Plus! Dance Studio
Aucello EyeCare Center
B.A.M.F. Federal Hill, MD
Beau du Bous
Beau Phillips
Ben Beadle
Bennett Fleisher
Bernie Brewster
Beth, Jess and Jon, for “And Then The Climate Changed”
Bill Folger and Sherry Burton
Billion Dollar Auntie

Bleevit Interactive
Bleevit Interactive, LLC
Bombshell Tattoo

Brandon Lilly
Brandon Schug
Bring Down Yelp!
Bryan Buescher
Bullied in Chicago
Cakewalk Vegan Baking Company
Capeshores Charters
Captain Awesome
Carole Manning
Cascade Chiropractic & Wellness
Cecelia Moreno
Chares and Llonda Mormino
Cheesemans’ Ecology Safaris
Chere Perrigo
Chris Chesebro
Christian Milam
Christine G.
Christine N’ Steve
Christopher Evensen
Christopher Yellen
Citrus Design Group Ltd.
Coastline Marketing Group, Inc.
Coleman Hoyt
Colin Wright
Craig Karas
D. Martin Adrion
Dan Sullivan
Daniel Bergerac
Daniel Bo
DataBanks Technologies
Dave Landon
Dave Walker
David Marc Grant
David Neuendorff
Davide Carron
Dennis J. Barela of Temecula’s Best DJ
Design Ecology
Diane Gremmel
DKV Limited

Dogwood Daycare
Dogwood Daycare and Boarding
Dougie Harrower
Dr. Roger Claxton
Ehmann Electrical Services
Eric Seale
Erik C.
Erika Taylor

Erion Ziu
Erion Ziu
Ethan Lipman
Evan Giniger
Extension King Hair Salon & Shop
Flour Craft Bakery LLC
For The Love of BBQ

Forza Pizza.PNG
Forza Pizza
Gabe U.
Gale Feldman & Sean Milliken
Gary Luce
Gary Mentink and Crystal Wood-Mentink
Gaskins Cleaning Services
Geoffrey and Jennifer Chiodi
Greg Evangelista
Guinco Service
Glenn Overby
Hany Aziz
Holding Yelp Accountable
Ian Kobe
Igot Yelped

Joseph Younan
JD Lunkerman
J. Younan aka dj downtown
Jack Parker – Bikes Unlimited
Jack’s San Francisco
James Borrego Resner
JaShong King
Jeff Jonah
Jeffrey Crespin, MD, MBA
Jeffrey D. Burson
Jennifer L. MacGregor
Jim and Arlene Stenger
Jim Cherco
Jim Freakin’ Lewis
Jimmie Morris
Jodi Schoenauer
John Coffey
John Hadley
John Kean
Joseph Monroe
Joshua Korns
Joshua N. Rice
Justin Farmer
K. Miller
Kansas City Small Business
Kat Latish
Kathy Morgan
Kayleigh Rogalski
Kelly Otis
Kenneth Loafman
Kevin O’Brien
Kimberly W.
Krishna S. Reddy
LA Imagine
Lake Appliance Repair
Larry O’Toole
Laura Specht
Law Office of Louis L. Sternberg
Len in NYC

Lenore Sussman
Lenore Sussman
Liat Gat – KnitFreedom
Linda Craite
Linda Minor
Lisette & Matt Sweetland
Lollipop Park
Mads Volsted
Marc Librescu
March Walker
Margo and Abhijeet Nayyar
Maria House Cleaning Service
Mark Zubek
Marky Mark in SF
Martial Arts Business Daily
Matt Ausfahl
Michael Blanchard
Michael D. Starcevich
Michele Perkins
Mike Munter
Mike Olson
Modern Air Solutions Inc
Mongo the Plastic Surgeon
Monkey Business Press
MpowerD Massage for Athletes
Mr. Ricks Thompson
Mrs. Dawn Hughes-King
Natalie Strawbridge
Nate and Lisa Boyack
Nathan Panuco
Neelou Malekpour
New Fish
Nick Neylan
North Beach Copy
Ocean Avenue Service
Ocean State House Cleaning
One Source Talent
Pageo Jewelry
Pamela and Douglas Boyack and “Pampers”
Paul Dhillon
Paul Odekirk
Paul Petronella
Persimmon Personal Chef Service LLC
Piety Hill Cottages Motel and B&B

Planet logo

Planet Massage Urban Oasis

Point St. Dueling Pianos
Point Street Dueling Pianos

R. Porte
Reevue Something
Retina Care
Richard Martinez
Robert Hughes
Rocchio Family Coffee Roasters

Rocket CrossFit
Rocket CrossFit
Rosali Cleaners
Ryan DeForest
Sandy and Bob Stenger
Sara Lampinen and Ryan Kew
Schezaad Ausman
Searchen Networks Inc.
Service Stars

SGI Property Management
SGI Property management
Sheri McCord
Shu-Wai Chow
Snufkin Kono
Stanton Plumbing

Stefan Walter
Steve Davis, RYT, LMT, BCTMB
Steve South
Super Soccer Stars
Susan Lam & John Stachnick

Business Law and Transactions

Sutter Law, a San Francisco Business Law Firm

T. Stevens Moving Services
Tejindar Sandhu MD
Terry Thomas
Thaddeus Kawecki
The Dentista
The Digital Docs

The Lang Family
The Lang Family
The Scovel Family
The Seattle Space Academy

Title IX Media, Palo Alto, CA

Todd Elliott
Tom and Tulsi Milliken
Tom Boucher

Top Dollar Pawn and Jewelry
Top Dollar Pawn and Jewelry
Tracie Reynolds
Treasure Island Comics
Tricia Murray
Valentina Fedonos
Viking Soul Food
VP Live Talk Radio
Web Reputation Builders
What Were We Thinking Films
William Gallahue
William J. Starkey
Yelp Blackmail Victim
Yorkey Ng

We would like to take a moment to list our supporters that wished to be remained anonymous. You know who you are and we still greatly appreciate your support, and respect your wishes.

Anonymously Bullied
Anonymous – Bullied By Yelp
Anonymous Business Owner in San Diego
Anonymous Fort Lauderdale
Anonymous from Brooklyn Heights
Anon in AZ
Anonymous in Burnaby, BC
Anonymous in California
Anonymous in California
Anonymous in City of Orange, CA
Anon in Colorado
Anonymous in Fairfax, CA
Anonymous in Hawaii
Anonymous in Illinois
Anonymous in Illinois
Anon in MA
Anonymous in Michigan
Anonymous in San Francisco
Anonymous in San Francisco
Anonymous in San Jose
Anonymous in Seattle
Anonymous in Sonoma
Anonymous in Switzerland
Anonymous in the San Francisco Bay Area
Anonymous in Utica, Illionois
Anonymous in Westchester, CA
Anonymous in Los Gatos
Anonymous in Vegas

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15 thoughts on “Funders

  • Not only was Dogwood Daycare & Boarding’s Name listed as a Funder, but we are also very proud to see our dog Annie’s picture in her Dogwood Cap listed as well. Annie was a very feisty, but very loyal, Husky Mix who started Dogwood with us in 2001 & passed away in 2006 at 13 years of age. We know Annie would be very proud that she was included too. Thank you very much, Prost Productions!!!

  • Hi, we are in business for over 30 years and have a great reputation everywhere except on yelp. Called them, and same story, I pay or five star reviews won’t show.
    What they told me is a lie. They said that all good reviews have to have more friends and that those people should have yelped more before their reviews would count. So why then do people that have 0 friends and no other reviews either DO show up on top and DO count with only 1 star. And all very very bad stories, clearly from competition. I have about 30 great five star reviews and none of them count. The people that wrote those reviews are so mad and shocked that yelp won’t count theirs. I am so so shocked that the courts sided with yelp?!?!!!! This is clearly mafia practice and it is allowed!!! Please help!

    Thanks for doing this!!!!!!

  • Keep this thing going ; Yelp has done everything they can to destroy my business ( I refuse to pay them any money) They refuse to post two of the best legitimate reviews I have . they keep them hidden and post the only bad review I ever received in my entire life . In the case of the bad one I simply lost the lady’s contact information and for that reason ;did not show up as agreed.
    I am lucky in that I’m older and not looking for more work . My concern is for younger guys ;
    Yelp is not only a bully but a business buster as well ; Shame on them .!

  • An interesting fact. In Hoboken the yelp nuts form a church, hoboken grace. A few days ago there was over 300 yelp reviews and the yelpers had hundreds of friends and some thousands of reviews. ” really for a church” Today when I checked, they were all gone.

    When this first started with my business in 2013. I reported it to every goverment official in the town, and one of the yelpies slipped about there new meeting place the church. And, yesterday I printed the article from the Hollywood reported and handed out copies to my neighborhood business’s. And now those rats and there 5 star reviews for their cult meetings are gone !

  • Please check my business page on YELP and note two reviews that YELP recommended for any potential customer to not read .Both were sent in by two of my very best customers . Both reviews took a lot of time and effort and I would be so happy if you could mention this in your documentary.
    Please feel free to Email or call me in regard to this . Thank you so much . Ted Kuhn Owner ,Teds Chimney Service 206 779 3674

  • Please check my business page on YELP and note two reviews that YELP recommended for any potential customer to not read .Both were sent in by two of my very best customers . Both reviews took a lot of time and effort and I would be so happy if you could mention this in your documentary.
    Please feel free to Email or call me in regard to this . Thank you so much . Ted Kuhn Owner ,Teds Chimney Service 206 779 3674

  • All of my reviews were 5 stars yet Yelp put the only 1-star review I ever got FRONT and CENTER. Then they asked me to advertise. I said no. Then they locked me out of the business page and said I could not respond to the negative review. I really hope this film has a huge impact and Yelp suffers the backlash they deserve. Some of these reviewers are just angry people taking out their unhappiness on hardworking business owners so they can feel powerful. Their scathing reviews are tantamount to vandals throwing a rock through a store window. But at least in that case the window can be replaced and an alarm system can be installed. On Yelp, their diatribes are online and in public view forever.

  • seems this prostfilms is negotiating with YELP to get some kickbacks to reduce the negativity from the movie. They collected substantial money from the kick starter campaign. Even after one year they are not releasing raises red flags

    • Well that’s just silly, Sanjeev. Creating a film doesn’t happen overnight, especially when you’re a crew of two. Fortunately, we are wrapping things up and looking at where to start screening the film.

  • I am very excited for your film and hope you expose the truth to millions. I have a long recording somewhere of a sinister sales person who called me relentlessly trying to get me to advertise coincendently the day after I received my first 1-Star review. Perhaps too late to submit it to you, but I fully support what you are doing and would love to buy you all a coffee.

  • Small businesses are the backbone of every economy and if the Government were as smart as they are greedy like yelp they would intervene to some degree..I’ve been in business for over 10 years have many happy customers but I’ve 2 scathing reviews about my business on Yelp by a couple of professional reviewers/writers…Small businesses spend a lot of money just to stay in business Yelp knows it. I’m not stupid I believe these two customer’s yelpers if you will that just happened to be freelance writer’s were prompted by yelp to come review my business following my refusal to advertise with Yelp. It literally happened a month after I got a phone call from Yelp after telling them I can’t afford to advertise with them. Very hard to prove but when you look at the pattern its very suspicious call it the “algorithm” that I used to figure this out. So needless to say I was really pleased to hear that I’m not the only one and that some day soon when your documentary gets out EVERYONE in the world should see the nefarious plays yelp uses to extort small businesses.. Its despicable that they’ve gotten away with it for so long. So I just want to say thanks and I’m donating money I was asked for by Yelp to advertise will go into funding this documentary as a nail I can add into Yelp’s coffin.

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