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  • I reside in Los Angeles and went to a dentist with high reviews on Yelp for a crown. The dentist informed me that he accepts my insurance and quoted me $500 all in cost. He charged my card for $250 with the remainder due upon completion. He further billed me for $2,000 and charged my credit card another $680 without my permission. I reported the fraud to my credit card company and got reimbursed. I filed a report with the Dental Board of California and also wrote a review on Yelp to inform other people of this dentist’s deceptive practices. The dentist continued to harrass me and requested Yelp to remove my review. My account was deleted from Yelp and my review removed within a month.

    Thanks Yelp!

  • I have a business that had great reviews in the early days of Yelp’s popularity. Of course we also had disgruntled customers posting reviews, which I responded to. I noticed that other company’s in my area were posting bad reviews (fake) , as the incidents never happened. I decided to test Yelp and while on vacation in Florida, and Hong Kong, attempted to post positive reviews using other fake accounts, fake emails, fake Facebook accounts. My thinking was, I wanted to rest Yelp to see if I could bypass the negative reviews with positive reviews. I also posted reviews wi these fake persona about other restaurants so Yelp would think I was genuine. Right after I attempted this, I started getting call from Yelp to advertise withe them, emails as well. The positive reviews were never posted even though they were very detailed, impossible to trace. I believe that Yelp bully’s people and forces them to pay to get negative reviews removed from their site. I no longer use Yelp and refuse to look at any of my company’s reviews, we just try to do the best job possible and let our actions speak for themselves.

  • Hi Kaylie~

    I hope you are well. We spoke to one another over the phone last summer. My name is Paul Link. I own Now Serving Cafe and Catering in La Grange, IL.
    Do you need additional funding to complete your documentary?
    If so, I would like to assist you. Can you tell me your targeted release date for the documentary?
    Kind Regards,
    Paul Link

  • We have a successful walking food tour business, been in business since 2008. To date we have 75 YELP reviews, virtually all 4 and 5 star, yet only 12 reviews are published and 63 are “not recommended” according to Yelp. All of these reviews, except for one, are legitimate reviews from customers. Yelp’s so called algorithm concludes that only 16% of the reviews are worth recommending, when they claim that on average the algorithm will usually recommend 75% of reviews. We have repeatedly expressed our concern to Yelp every time they contact us to talk about advertising with them. Since we decline to advertise with them under these conditions, they continue to punish our business and the customers that take the time to express their opinions with reviews. We do not have this problem with Trip Advisor. In the future we will suggest to our customers they use an alternate social media platform, other than Yelp. We have previously donated to your documentary project. When is it going to be released?

    • Hi Peter,

      We are finishing up some final edits to the film and will start submitting it to film festivals in the next month. We can’t wait to start screening it!

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